What is the process you use to clean carpets? Is it steam cleaning?

The carpet is pre-treated with a detergent solution, and then a very hot rinse solution is forced into your carpet under high pressure, then vacuumed out. This hot water extraction method ensures a thorough cleaning to remove dirt and spots from your carpet and doesn’t leave behind any soap residue.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as the primary cleaning method for synthetic carpets. Although it’s often referred to as “steam” cleaning, there is actually no steam involved.


Should I vacuum before your crew arrives?

Yes, a light vacuum in the traffic areas in the rooms scheduled to be cleaned is helpful.


How long will it take to clean my carpets?

On average, a standard 3-4-bedroom home takes approximately 1-2 hours to clean. This time can vary depending on if furniture needs moving, there is any substantial spotting or strong pet odour that needs removing, and on the amount of soiling in the carpet.


How soon will my carpets be dry?

We use a high-power extraction to remove as much moisture as possible during the clean. You can expect that your carpets will be completely dry after 4-6 hours from the cleaning end time.


What does the standard cleaning price include?

The standard cleaning price includes all traffic areas in the room and is a thorough cleaning of the carpets. It does not include any spot cleaning (stain treatments) and any speciality treatments like pet odour removal. Our team will move small pieces of furniture (end tables, coffee tables, and floor lamps), and any additional furniture moving can be done so at an additional cost, which can be arranged while booking.


Do you guarantee stain removal?

In most cases, we are successful when we know what a stain is from – like food, wine etc. We do not recommend leaving stains too long before being treating them, as the fresher the stain, the more likely successful removal.

If a stain is very old, we don’t know how it was caused, or if it has been previously treated with other chemicals, then dried, it becomes challenging to remove, and we cannot 100% guarantee a successful result.


When should I get my carpet cleaned?

Before a new-born baby arrives (including fur babies)

Before moving into a newly purchased home or new rental property

Every nine months to a year if you do not have children or pets

Every six months if you are living with children or pets

Before moving to a new office or retail premises